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Sample-Weekly Menu- meals are prepared daily with fresh organic whole wheat grains, No GMOs, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables White lean meats: Turkey, Chicken with no Hormones. Organic milk...Member of Coco Kids Food prog. to serve the best meals. Peanut free environment . Breastfeed friendly 

7 am breakfast  - oatmeal or  waffles or pancakes or cereal or toast and a serving of fruit and milk

9am & 3pm-Snacks: Water, with a serving of  fruit, and a grain: (crackers, chex​ mix, pretzels)

11:30am/12 pm-Lunch: 1-a meat /protein, 2-grains/carbs 3-vegetables 4-fruit 5- milk. 

every day,  the menu varies. We may have homemade brown or white rice, pasta, black, white, pinto, red beans, veggies: from broccoli, asparagus,zucchini,squash, apples, oranges, bananas,pears, kiwi,watermelon, and milk 1% for over 2yrs.old and whole milk for my 1yr. old to 1.11mos.

Snack time

1/2 to 3/4 cups of fruit and grain with water, juice is replaced for a fruit.

All of our meals are cooked fresh daily! All the fruit and vegetables are Organic. State requires only milk-1% for our 2 yrs and older.  whole milk for 1yr. olds. I don't serve juice, I replace it with a fresh fruit. I serve filtered water. 

Main food groups- 

 Lunchtime : 1.Protein: Meats or grains 

2.Vegetables / Grains/- Beans is a grain replaced as a protein as well.



Children are introduced small safe snacks slowly with communication with parents.

By 1 yr. child should be weaned off bottle and introduced sippy cup,  pacifier. Regular  milk .

Unless a child shows allergies to regular milk Whole milk until the age of 2 yrs old.

Fresh Tomato sauce for Spaghettis

Fresh tomatoes, carrots, and squash as our health sauce

I introduce by parents orders only finger snacks and meals starting at 8months. Sippy cups, weening from bottles, at the 1yr mark. No candy or junk food, meals are on a schedule, I provide meals on a time schedule. If the children comes after the meal times, parents must bring them feed and ready to start the next activity.

 For birthdays and holidays I ask my families to bring small cupcakes. Plain with no chocolate and pre packed in little ziplock bags any treats need to be packed individual to take home.

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